Re: Problems with comment mailing list?

Hi Karen,

Yes it was addressed to the comment list. I've kept on purpose the To: field at so that we can use it as evidence if needed.

In principle these W3C comment lists do not need to be subscribed, but I think there's some basic moderation. It used to be that the poster would have to manually approve that the posted email would be public, maybe it's different now.


On 17/04/18 16:42, Karen Coyle wrote:
> Antoine - was the email from your colleague addressed to the comments
> list? And it was blocked there? I've looked at the various process
> documents on the W3C site and it isn't clear to me if folks have to
> subscribe to the comments list before they can post. However, if that is
> the case,then we should include that in our calls for comments.
> kc
> On 4/17/18 2:06 AM, Antoine Isaac wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> I'm wondering whether the mailing list works
>> well for us.
>> I just had to forward myself a perfectly legit mail from a colleague,
>> which was blocked. And the number of emails that we got on this list is
>> not high:
>> Could it be that others were blocked?
>> Kind regards,
>> Antoine

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