Proposing 1) Advertising ID and 2) Purchase Intent

Classes related to advertising industry:

Term: AdvertisingID
Label: Advertising ID
Description: Information about a unique user ID assigned to a device
or an operating environment, to help advertising services personalize
their offers.
SubType of: dpv-pd:DeviceBased dpv-pd:Identifying
Source: and audience_id
in IAB Tech Lab Data Transparency Standard 1.1

Term: PurchaseIntention
Label: Purchase Intention
Description: Information about current in-market purchase intent
SubType of: dpv-pd:Intention dpv-pd:Transactional
Source: IAB Tech Lab Audience Taxonomy
See Also: dpv-pd:Purchase


"An advertising ID is a unique user ID assigned to a mobile device
(smart phone, tablet computer), or operating environment, to help
advertising services personalize their offers.[1] It can be sent to
advertisers and other third parties which can use this unique ID to
track the user's movements, habits, and usages of applications.[2]
There is a potential for such technology to replace magic cookies."


In its Audience Taxonomy,
Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), uses demographic, purchase
intent, and interest for the audience segment.

DPV-PD already has dpv-pd:Demographic and dpv-pd:Interest classes.
Having a dpv-pd:PurchaseIntention will make DPV-PD able to closer
align with practices in the advertising industry.

*I use the term (Purchase) "Intention" here instead of "Intent", as
appeared in IAB Audience Taxonomy, to make it consistent with

While DPV already has dpv-pd:Purchase and
dpv-pd:PurchasesAndSpendingHabit classes,
they are both for purchases that have been made in the past.


For an illustration of how these Demographic, Interest, and Purchase
Intention are used, consider a possible taxonomy_id_list,
which is a required field in the IAB Tech Lab Data Transparency
Standard 1.1 Minimum Segment Disclosure.


- ID 7 : Demographic | Age Range | 35-39 |
- ID 20 : Demographic | Education & Occupation | College Education |
- ID 66 : Demographic | Household Data | $50000 - $74999 |
- ID 123: Demographic | Household Data | 2 Adults |

- ID 246: Interest | Automotive | Auto Technology |
- ID 641: Interest | Sports | Field Hockey |

- ID 824: Purchase Intent* | Automotive Ownership | Green Vehicles |
  - has New Vehicles as a Parent
  - Future Buyer Intent Medium

- ID 843: Purchase Intent* | Automotive Ownership | Budget Cars |
  - has Pre-Owned Vehicles as a Parent
  - with a modifier PIPR6: Past Purchase Recency > 12 months

The example is adapted from these documents


To be more conservative and not introducing unnecessary new classes:

When look at Purchase Intent modifiers in [3],
- a user can declare their own PIPRs (Past Purchase Recency) and PIPFs
(Past Purchase Frequency) can be subtypes of dpv-pd:Purchase,
- a user can also declare their own PIFIs (Future Buyer Intent) can be
a subtype of dpv-pd:PurchasesAndSpendingHabit - if the "Habit" can
also include the tendency in the future.

And maybe there will be no need to have a separate dpv-pd:PurchaseIntention.



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