Agenda for call scheduled JUL-08

Dear All,
Please see below the agenda and call details.
Reply to this thread to add items on the agenda.

--------- CALL ---------
JUL-08 13:00 IST (Dublin, London) / 14:00 CEST (Berlin, Vienna, Madrid, 
We can use Jitsi Meet

(I do not know of other reliable alternatives - can we still use Webex? 
and Zoom free has only 40mins of call-time. Suggestions welcome.)

Note: You can request to change call timings - currently we have low 
numbers on the calls. Please reach out to me with suggestions (directly).

--------- AGENDA ---------

1. Approve minutes from last meeting:

2. Deliverables and Timeline (see

3. Adding concepts to DPV
(see following threads on mailing list for context)
a) concepts for privacy policy representation
b) GDPR A13/A14 and ISO 29184
c) purpose categories
d) personal data categories

4. Changing the group's main page and adding information for 
contributors (TBD)


Harshvardhan Pandit, Ph.D
Researcher at ADAPT Centre, Trinity College Dublin

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