Deliverables and Timeline

Hello all.

Currently, the CG's page at lists 
some deliverables and timeline which I think should be discussed and 

This is listed as ACTION-139 on the tracker.

Currently listed deliverables:
1. Use cases and requirements

- we should keep this
- we should work on building use-cases and requirements - IMHO these are 
important to progress on applying DPV
- personally, I quite like the SHACL use-cases page at and would like to see something similar 

2. Alignment of vocabularies and identification of overlaps

- This is tricky to actually fulfil and realise, but it would be great 
to at least provide an indication of what exists
- The wiki does provide some coverage, but should we update it?
- This could be a report?

3. Glossary of GDPR terms

- As the wiki taxonomy page at will attest to - some 
concepts are still in 'proposed' stage
- I propose to take them up for discussion and incorporate them

4. Vocabularies

- This is done AFAIK with the DPV
- So this should read continue to build on DPV and aligned vocabularies?

Timeline: (lists items from 2018)

- Should we identify goals for this year? At leat ideal ones?

- I feel a timeline will help speed things up in terms of working on 

Harshvardhan Pandit, Ph.D
Researcher at ADAPT Centre, Trinity College Dublin

Received on Monday, 22 June 2020 08:04:19 UTC