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Actions done for today's call

From: Harshvardhan J. Pandit <me@harshp.com>
Date: Tue, 7 May 2019 12:42:35 +0100
To: Axel Polleres <axel.polleres@wu.ac.at>
Cc: Data Privacy Vocabularies and Controls Community Group <public-dpvcg@w3.org>
Message-ID: <acac9aee-cd4a-b980-5abb-c3dd6f0d113d@harshp.com>
Listing actions that I'm think are done (can ask for objections on call) 
to save time on call.

ACTION-65 And bud to further elaborate on legal grounds taxonomy - Eva 
ACTION-66 Look into structuring processing categories, ramisa, bud, eva 
to help/review. - Harshvardhan Pandit
ACTION-72 Propose a mechanism to add provenance information for elements 
in our taxonomy - Fajar Ekaputra
ACTION-72 Propose a mechanism to add provenance information for elements 
in our taxonomy - Fajar Ekaputra
ACTION-74 Polish the minutes from last call. - Harshvardhan Pandit
ACTION-77 Set up a doodle to collect points and actions to be discussed 
at the f2f (and possibly name someone present willing to present/discuss 
there)? - Harshvardhan Pandit
ACTION-78 Tell us which sessions she plans to join. - Roghaiyeh(Ramisa) 
Gachpaz Hamed
ACTION-79 Discuss with harsh how/whether to use github as a template. - 
Mark Lizar
ACTION-83 (with the help/review) of axel, put results of the 
technicalorganisationalmeasures session to thespreadsheet - Harshvardhan 
ACTION-85 Create first version of complete technicalorgameasures - Axel 
ACTION-86 Clean first complete version of legal basis - Harshvardhan Pandit
ACTION-88 Put list of processing types into processing vocab on 
spreadsheet, merge with spcial terms, add descriptions. - Javier D. 
ACTION-90 Finish technical organisational measures part in the 
spreadsheet by next call - Axel Polleres
ACTION-91 Provide his conversion of nace as rdfs/owl - Fajar Ekaputra
ACTION-92 Finish personal data categories and transfer what we agreed 
upon to the spreadsheet. - Elmar Kiesling
ACTION-95 Complete legal basis - Harshvardhan Pandit
ACTION-96 Consolidate consent part. - Harshvardhan Pandit
ACTION-100 Find urls for gdpr articles. - Harshvardhan Pandit

Harshvardhan Pandit
PhD Researcher
ADAPT Centre
Trinity College Dublin
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