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On Friday, July 26, 2019 9:05:04 AM CEST Axel Polleres wrote:
> Dear all,
> As for the draft we sent artound for submission to ODBASE:
> 1) a thorough go proofread would be good, maybe one of the other
> co-authors can do that, pleeeeease! 2) some of the
> edits/reformulations we did in the paper might also worthwhile to be
> added in the spec document in the next iteration (but I'd just keep
> this as a TODO for now, and include that with the other feedback...)
> 3) after submission and publication of the draft with the latest
> fixes from Github (publication date should ideally be 25 July 2018,
> we should push advertising to some lists... -
>      - ping?

I installed new versions at

I found a few markup errors and broken links:

  - Some empty TR elements
  - Some </thead> tags in the wrong place
  - Link to "rdf/LegalBasis.ttl" instead of "/rdf/dpv-gdpr.ttl"
I fixed them in the draft on GitHub.

There is also a broken link to #issues in dpv-gdpr.html. I'm not sure 
what that should link to.

And dpv:Credit, dpv:Certification and dpv:Location in dpv.html each have 
two conflicting definitions.

I think one of the two dpv:Credit should be removed, but I'm not sure 
which. They differ in their superclass.

The other two seem to be name clashes and should be renamed.

>      - EU project lists? BDVA? (I would appreciate feedback on
> addresses) any more suggestions? I suggest to advertise that we's
> appreciate feedback on this draft by mid September? 4) we should do a
> Telco, I'd suggest Tue 6th August, 16:00 ?

I'm available.

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