Action-40: DONE Re: Wiki page for F2F Vienna Agenda

Thanks Harsh, 

Action-40 is DONE now


On Tuesday, November 20, 2018 5:51:56 PM CET Harshvardhan J. Pandit wrote:
> Dear All,
> There's now a wiki page for collaborating on the agenda for the Vienna
> F2F at The
> page contains a section for listing things to be discussed in the
> meeting. I would encourage adding things that you would like to see
> discussed, or listed on the agenda in this section. This would allow us
> to draw up the agenda accordingly.
> There is also a page for adding notes related to the meting at
> This is following today's call. As things are decided in the coming
> days, we can update the wiki with the timings and the agenda.
> I would encourage everyone to indicate their attendance for the F2F
> through the Doodle if they haven't already done so
> (
> Today's call also discussed continuing on 4th morning. Should we have
> some form of indication (such as a doodle) to allow people to indicate
> if they can attend the session on 4th?
> Today's call also discussed timings for the meeting. Eva would be
> sending an email regarding this soon.
> Note: wiki pages can have a discussion page associated with them (check
> the discussion tab on top of the title) if such discussions need to be
> recorded/persisted.
> Regards,
> Harsh

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