RE: Contacts API typical use cases and privacy considerations

Hi Max,

On Feb 23, 2010 at 09:53, Max Froumentin [] wrote:
> On 19/02/2010 18:59, wrote:
> >
> >> Perhaps we need to be more formal on this approach in the methods 
> >> and/or 'Security and Privacy Considerations'? My initial 
> reaction is 
> >> that we don't.
> I think we do need to be more formal, on the contrary, since 
> user interaction experts will have different opinions and 
> browser vendors will want to differentiate their product.
> So instead I think it's better being formal in the 
> specification, with statements such as "The broker MUST offer 
> to restrict the a subset of the contacts to share", etc.

I will work on some more requirements to this effect and update the
mailing list when complete.

I'd really like to ultimately move towards testable assertions in the



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