Re: [Powerbox] A RESTful proposal for Web enabling devices

Hi Dirk,

I was thinking Providers would be advertised in much the same way as
RSS feeds currently are. Similarly, the browser could offer
installation of a Provider in much the same way they currently offer
subscription to an RSS feed. I wasn't thinking pop-up dialogs. I'll
add some text to this effect in the non-normative text of Section 4.


On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 3:36 PM, Dirk Pranke <> wrote:
> Hi Tyler,
> I think the language in Section 4, "Provider Installation" could
> perhaps be clarified. Namely, from reading it (admittedly somewhat
> quickly) there were at least two things that were unclear to me.
> First, on using the <link rel="Provider"> for provider discovery, how
> would you imagine this to be used. Would you imagine, for example,
> that Flickr would link to a photo-chooser provider from every page on
> their site? Just the home page? Or something else?
> Second, you state that "A user-agent MUST provide a presentation of an
> offered Provider", which to me sounds like the user-agent is popping
> up a dialog box on every page, and the user (-agent) can't tell that
> dialog to never be shown again. Or, that the user/-agent isn't free to
> say "never show me providers unless I ask for them". Perhaps there's
> some way this can be altered to be more popup-banning friendly?
> -- Dirk
> On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 10:48 AM, Tyler Close <> wrote:
>> Mark Miller, Marc Seaborn and myself have created a draft proposal for
>> a RESTful approach to addressing the design challenges this WG is
>> working one. The Powerbox is a general purpose mechanism for
>> introducing customer content to new and potentially private resources.
>> New kinds of resources can be made accessible to Web content by using
>> the Powerbox for discovery and introduction, existing user-agent APIs
>> such as XMLHttpRequest for interaction, existing MIME media types for
>> syntax, and HTTP methods for general semantics.
>> The attached proposal provides exact details on how a Powerbox works,
>> provides advice on how to use it and explains one example use-case,
>> making a video camera accessible to Web content. I hope to expand the
>> proposal with additional examples. Please suggest examples you'd find
>> compelling.
>> We hope this proposal can provide a basis for this WG's design work,
>> so we're interested in feedback on the proposal and how it might
>> better meet the needs of this WG.
>> --Tyler

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