Re: Comparing capture* API vs <input type="file" accept="...">

ext Ian Hickson wrote:
>> I can see that it has some value in keeping compatibilities between 
>> closed and open environments, but that’s really the only thing 
>> not-awkward about it, in my opinion.
> Indeed.
> The reverse is true on the Web side of things -- "starting 
> programmatically the capture without a specific interaction from the user" 
> is something we'd never want to allow on the Web (consider how porn sites 
> would be a very different experience if they took video of you while you 
> visited the site...).

Capture API functions in the current draft can only activate the native 
camera application. User must still press the shutter button. That was 
at least the intention in my mind. Malicious sites could annoy users by 
doing the activation part but they can't force the device to take any 
pictures or videos.

I think fully automatic programmable capture in v1 is not very useful 
even for legitimate use as there most likely will not be embeddable 


Received on Thursday, 3 December 2009 11:49:04 UTC