Re: First stab at the Capture API (aka Camera API)

Le mercredi 02 décembre 2009 à 12:27 +0200, Ilkka Oksanen a écrit :
> I think viewfinder can be problematic feature for v1. Significant 
> integration is needed between web rendering engine and native camera 
> application/API in the host device. Additionally I believe that not all 
> platforms have native APIs to stream live viewfinder image. Therefore as 
> far I know for example PhoneGap is providing only launcher type of 
> camera API. In that sense situation is similar to Contacts API and its 
> searching functionality. Any comments?

Ideally, the API would allow a browser to use either approaches; if
that’s not practical (and I can imagine reasons why it wouldn’t be), I
think we need to be careful in looking at what an embedded-viewfinder
API would look like, to see what forward-compatible designs we need to
come up with.


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