Re: First stab at the Capture API (aka Camera API)

ext Robin Berjon wrote:
> On Dec 2, 2009, at 04:50 , Tran, Dzung D wrote:
>> Thanks to Ilkka Oksanen and Ingmar Kiche on contribute to the first draft of the Capture API.
>> It is checked in to CVS as stated below. There is some formatting problems, which I am strap for time to figure out right now.
> Brilliant thanks. This will also be part of the agenda for today. I'd like to know how the editors feel about the level of maturity of this specification. Given a week for review, could we agree to FPWD next week? It seems to be at that level to me.

As a contributor of chapter 3 I think it has a quite decent maturity. 
One clear missing feature is setting of preferred settings, especially 
preferred image/video resolution. Currently it's possible get the 
supported camera resolutions but not select which of them is preferred 
when images or videos are captured. If possible this is something I 
would like enhance still during this week.

In current form Capture API implements launcher type of approach. It is 
mainly based on Google and Nokia proposals. I think that was a 
reasonable starting point as these proposals can be seen as subset of 
more feature rich BONDI proposal. One open question is what do with the 
viewfinder. BONDI API proposal provides live viewfinder for the 
application. It has been also suggested DAP could implement the same 
functionality with HTML5 <video> tag.

I think viewfinder can be problematic feature for v1. Significant 
integration is needed between web rendering engine and native camera 
application/API in the host device. Additionally I believe that not all 
platforms have native APIs to stream live viewfinder image. Therefore as 
far I know for example PhoneGap is providing only launcher type of 
camera API. In that sense situation is similar to Contacts API and its 
searching functionality. Any comments?


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