Re: [sensors] Default sensor configuration

> But from user perspective, in both cases sampling_period (or 
frequency hint in our case) just indicates how often the sensor 
reading can be updated. 

I strongly disagree. In one case (continuous mode), it describes the 
minimum sampling rate at which the sensor should be polled. In the 
other, it describes the maximum frequency at which the API consumer 
should be updated. The developer intent behind these two cases is very
 different, and so is how this value is handled by the underlying 
layer. For a given frequency `|f|` the frequency range the developer 
expects is `[|f|, MAX_POLLING_FREQUENCY]` in the first case and `[0, 

That Android decided to conflate these two different concepts behind 
the same parameter is an API design mistake we shouldn't replicate.

I'm more than open to add a dedicated option to allow developers to 
limit the interval at which non-periodic sensors update them if 
there's a use case for it. That'd be a level 2 feature, though.

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Received on Thursday, 27 October 2016 19:14:36 UTC