Re: shapes-ISSUE-199 (Constraint component IRIs): [Editorial] Constraint Component IRIs need to be defined before use [SHACL Spec]

Hi Karen,

I believe this is already sufficiently covered. Our assumption is that 
in order to understand section 4 of SHACL, the reader has already been 
through section 2 and 3. Search for the term 
"sh:sourceConstraintComponent". In addition to various example Turtle 
snippets, you will see

        3.4.5Constraint Component (sh:sourceConstraintComponent)

For validation results produced as a result of aconstraint component 
<#dfn-constraint-component>, the 
property|sh:sourceConstraintComponent|must have as its object value the 
IRI of theconstraint component <#dfn-constraint-component>that caused 
the result. For example, results produced due to a violation of a 
constraint based on a value of|sh:minCount|would have the 

And in the intro to section 4 we already have

    4.Core Constraint Components

This section defines the built-in SHACL Coreconstraint components 
<#dfn-constraint-component>that/must/be supported by all SHACL Core 
processors. Each constraint component is identified by an IRI that is 
referenced in the validation results via|sh:sourceConstraintComponent|.

I believe this should be sufficient - it's pretty much the sentence that 
you want. Maybe you have reviewed an older version of the spec, or why 
is the sentence above not sufficient?


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> shapes-ISSUE-199 (Constraint component IRIs): [Editorial] Constraint Component IRIs need to be defined before use [SHACL Spec]
> Raised by: Karen Coyle
> On product: SHACL Spec
> The section on Core Constraint Components has a Constraint Component IRI for each constraint component. These are shown in the section on Validation reports, but not defined in the section where they appear, which could be confusing. This could be simply a matter of adding in introductory sentences of section 4: "Constraint component IRIs specific to each constraint component are used in the Validation report to identify the specific constraint that is being reported." Or something like that.

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