LIst of outstanding comments

I've done my best to update the list of outstanding comments, most from 
Peter.[1] If you know of others that have been resolved in email, please 
let me know or mark them as such, preferably with the link to the email. 
In some cases, I believe we need to get back to Peter to ask if he's 
satisfied with the response.

Surely some of these should be written up as issues. I'm reluctant to 
make that decision on my own, but will do so if we do not have a way to 
make that decision collectively.

I take to heart Peter's statement that we should be doing a very careful 
reading of the spec as a group, and reiterate that I called for that 
some weeks ago. In my own reading I have found many areas that I 
consider to be problematic, but are not simply editorial. I would be 
willing to work "offline" on this if there isn't time to take it up with 
the entire working group.

Karen Coyle
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Received on Tuesday, 15 November 2016 20:12:00 UTC