Re: Remaining issues with impact on the syntax

There are still a number of "issues" in the list of comments from 
Peter.[1] I don't believe we have looked carefully at those, and we need 
to decide which ones are editorial, which are substantive, and which 
should be captured in tracker. A good first step would be to be sure 
that we have noted which ones are resolved, so we don't waste time on them.


On 11/10/16 4:46 PM, Holger Knublauch wrote:
> I believe we are supposed to publish another working draft before
> reaching CR status at the end of this year. If we want to give enough
> room for feedback I think we ought to do this soon after the upcoming
> virtual face to face meeting.
> Looking at the list of open tickets, many are entirely editorial and
> others could be closed simply because we ran out of time and won't be
> able to give them justice (e.g. ISSUE-179, ISSUE-176). However, there
> remain some tickets with impact on the syntax and implementations:
> ISSUE-92: partitions
> Eric promised to work on an update to the partition chapter. Without
> progress, I don't think we can include these features. We risk running
> out of time, and I want to be in a position where I understand all
> implications for an implementation (e.g. the potential worst-case
> complexity).
> ISSUE-180: Path nodes.
> The suggestion is to change the path syntax so that IRIs are always
> named predicates while all path expressions (inverses etc) must be
> bnodes. I believe Dimitris and I agree on this change.
> ISSUE-186: validation report properties.
> The suggestion is a simple vocabulary fix:
> The latter two are hopefully easy to resolve in the next meeting.
> A big unknown remains the topic of pre-binding (ISSUE-68 and ISSUE-170).
> The SPARQL EXISTS group seems to be making slow but steady progress, yet
> we need this done before we can move to CR.
> BTW what ever happened to the Compact Syntax? It looks like we are
> running out of time and it won't happen. Maybe a differentiator for ShEx?
> Holger

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