Proposal to close ISSUE-189

After a short discussion with Karen we came up with a proposal to close
issue 189.

With this proposal, we do minor adjustments on the Validation Results
Vocabulary and the results graph by adding a wrapper on the validation

When the result of validation is successful (conforms)
before: we returned an empty RDF graph (or zero validation results)
now: we return an RDF graph with the following triples

[] a sh:ValidationReport ;
  sh:valid "true"^^xsd:boolean ;  #could be sh:conforms

when the result of the validation has one or more errors, we wrap them with
the new class
e.g. for the example of section 1, I mark with bold the proposed changes

*[] a sh:ValidationReport ;*
*  sh:valid "false"^^xsd:boolean ;  #could be sh:conforms*
*  sh:result* [ a sh:ValidationResult ;
sh:sourceConstraintComponent sh:RegexConstraintComponent ;
sh:sourceShape ex:PersonShape ;
sh:focusNode ex:Alice ;
sh:path ex:ssn ;
sh:value "987-65-432A" ;
sh:severity sh:Violation ;
] *,*
[ a sh:ValidationResult ;
sh:sourceConstraintComponent sh:MaxCountConstraintComponent ;
sh:sourceShape ex:PersonShape ;
sh:focusNode ex:Bob ;
sh:path ex:ssn ;
sh:severity sh:Violation ;
] *,*
[ a sh:ValidationResult ;
sh:sourceConstraintComponent sh:ClosedConstraintComponent ;
sh:sourceShape ex:PersonShape ;
sh:focusNode ex:Calvin ;
sh:path ex:school ;
sh:value ex:TrinityAnglicanSchool ;
sh:severity sh:Violation ;
] .

the proposal is to add sh:ValidationReport, sh:valid (or sh:conforms) and
sh:result to the Validation Results Vocabulary as explained in the example

-- optional part of the proposal --

Additionally, we can declare
sh:ValidationReport rdfs:subClassOf prov:Activity

this gives us for free a lot of useful prov properties that we can reuse
such as
 prov:wasStartedBy, prov:startedAtTime, prov:endedAtTime, prov:generated,


Dimitris Kontokostas
Department of Computer Science, University of Leipzig & DBpedia Association
Research Group: AKSW/KILT

Received on Sunday, 13 November 2016 15:03:47 UTC