Minimalist "validate" solution


This shows how the minimalism solution would work, using section 3 
Validation as the demo.

This minimalist solution leaves the term "validation" in place, defined as:

"Validation is the process of determining whether a data graph, or nodes 
in the data graph, is consistent with the constraints in a shapes graph. 
Data graphs or nodes that are consistent with the constraints in the 
shapes graph are said to "successfully validate"; those that are not 
consistent are said to "not successfully validate".

As you can see in the diff, places where "validates" was being used to 
mean "does validate successfully" have been re-worded "successfully 
validates". If this solution is acceptable to the group (perhaps we can 
vote on it next time), then I can take a read through the entire spec 
and make this change.

Less minimalist solutions would require us to substitute another term 
for "validation". Some possible terms are:
- verification
- evaluation
- comparison

Any of these would result in about 250 changes to the document. Those 
changes are not difficult to make, but that would be a more substantial 

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Received on Friday, 4 November 2016 19:29:50 UTC