Re: agenda suggestion for this week

The weekly meetings are the only opportunities to actually RESOLVE 
issues. Meeting time is very precious.

On 17/05/2016 1:07, Peter F. Patel-Schneider wrote:
> Two things that I would like to discuss this week
> WG mailing list policy:  There have again been posts on the working group
> mailing list coming from outside the working group.  I would like to know how
> this is continuing to happen.

Any reason why this policy cannot be discussed via emails?

I am not aware of further emails to the public mailing list. I don't 
think our gag order applies to the WG mailing list. If we want that list 
to be private then we should block external people from posting. Simply 
not responding at all would be unhelpful and rude. To the open public 
list, we could have a policy to always respond with a generic "Thank 
you, we will consider it".

> Handling comments from outside the working group:   Two weeks ago there was
> discussion of some serious comments from outside the working group.  I think
> that there needs to be some effort for the working group to directly address
> these comments.

How do you distinguish "serious" comments from casual comments? Are the 
latter not worth responding? I frankly believe we have already spent 
enough time on meta discussions. If you want to draft a response to Tom, 
we could review this, but I would prefer to keep this outside of our 
precious weekly meeting time. Apart from that, Tom's emails have been 
read by everyone and will impact further decisions one way or another.


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