Shall we redo the 1.3 example (was: Simplification of scopes section (see also ISSUE-148))

On 16/05/2016 8:04, Karen Coyle wrote:
> It's not just that it has no scope - it is a particular kind of shape, 
> a shape-based constraint component, and probably shouldn't be in that 
> first example at all. 

Each time I am re-reading the spec I stumble across the complexity of 
this very first example. Is this supposed to:
a) serve as a human-readable starting point
b) show off some cool features (that motivate SHACL)
c) provide a walk-through of key features?

I suggest we select a much simpler example - something like validating 
instances of schema:Person and just a single shape.

There will be plenty of other examples in other documents (tutorials and 
primers) in the future. Not our job.



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