[Editorial] Moving section 5 into section 3.3?

Dimitris, others,

wouldn't it from a logical point of view make most sense to move the 
content of section 5 (Results Vocabulary) into 3.3 (which is currently 
empty)? Providing details of the validation results will help with the 
definition of the individual constraint components, where we already 
explain details of which fields of the validation results must be 
produced under which conditions. It avoids forward references. I 
remember we discussed this issue before and some people preferred to put 
the result vocabulary to a later stage because it is less relevant than 
the library of core components, but then we are not producing a tutorial 
here but a formal spec. Giving a beginner's introduction to SHACL is not 
the goal of this document (and we would fail miserably no matter how 
hard we tried).


Received on Monday, 16 May 2016 02:29:59 UTC