Re: ISSUE-133 syntax simplifications & regularizations

On 5/10/16 7:36 AM, Dimitris Kontokostas wrote:
> After a quick offline discussion with Holger we would like to propose
> some work towards syntax simplification
> The proposal has 2 aspects that go together
> 1. we remove the sh:defaultValueType from SHACL (Peter also had concerns
> with this - see issue-128)
> 2. we simplify sh:constraint in the following ways
> a. sh:constraint is renamed to sh:node (other names welcome) and may
> have only values of sh:NodeConstraint type
> b. native sparql constraints (which could be used inside sh:constraint)
> are now declared separately using a new property sh:sparqlConstraint
> that allows only sh:SparqlConstraints

Would this still be in the Core Constraints section? Isn't all other 
native use of SPARQL is in sections 6 (SPARQL-based constraints) and later?


> We believe this is a simplification everyone will like and would like to
> put it in the agenda for the next telco. Any comments are welcome
> rational for this change is the discussion for wording section 2.3.
> sh:defaultValueType was complicating things and one of the reasons it
> was introduced is to disambiguate the values of sh:constraint.
> With this change every predicate can have only one possible type now
> and sh:defaultValueType is no longer needed
> Best,
> Dimitris
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