Re: RDF Data Shapes WG Agenda for 12 May 2016

Buried in the flood of emails this week was a proposal from Dimitris to 
spawn off sh:sparqlConstraint from sh:constraint, and AFAIK Peter was in 
favor of that too. It feels like a non-controversial topic that would 
simplify the spec before publication, because each of the 4 constraint 
properties would then correspond to exactly one constraint type. At a 
later stage we could decide whether to rename sh:constraint itself.

I second Dimitris' request to have this on the agenda, if still possible:


On 12/05/2016 9:50, Arnaud Le Hors wrote:
> Unfortunately, with Peter not being able to attend, some of the very 
> live discussions I've seen on the list will have to continue via email 
> for now. I hope we can still make some progress though.
> Note also that I won't be able to chair the call past the hour so Eric 
> will chair the last half hour.
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