sh:Shape and rdfs:class

This may be related to the question of inferencing, but the spec says 

"If, in the shapes graph, a shape is an instance of both sh:Shape and 
rdfs:Class the shape must get an implicit class scope of the class IRI 
and the sh:scopeClass triple may be omitted."

Given that everything that is an instance of sh:Shape is a subclass of 
rdfs:Resource, and that rdfs:Resource is a subclass of rdfs:Class, 
aren't all instances of sh:Shape also instances of rdfs:Class? Or does 
this mean that both must be explicitly declared in the shape graph?


p.s. shape graph or shapes graph? it's "a shape" but "a shapes graph" in 
the text. It's easier to say "shapes graph" but it looks odd to me to 
switch from singular to plural. Would it be "instance shape" or 
"instance shapes"?
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Received on Wednesday, 20 April 2016 01:29:05 UTC