Re: Editing the SHACL Spec

Harold & WG,

I suggest the following coordination process for stylistic edits.
These are corrections, grammar improvements, etc. that are consistent
WG decisions.

1. Send a note to the WG mailing list announcing your intention and
specifying the affected sections.
2. Make your edits quickly and commit the change.
3. Send another note to the mailing list to announce that you are done.

-- Arthur

On Wed, Sep 23, 2015 at 5:06 PM, Solbrig, Harold R.
<> wrote:
> Arthur,
> Rather fortuitous that I forked the spec moments after you'd submitted
> your edits.  As you'd already addressed much of what I was going to dive
> in to, I decided to move further down and start at Core Constraint Types.
> Arnaud suggested we coordinate these changes -- should we each pick a
> section and then compare edits?
> Harold
> On 9/23/15, 3:57 PM, "Arthur Ryman" <> wrote:
>>I spent a few hours today editing the SHACL spec. I first wanted to
>>apply the corrections that I noted during my review and saw that many
>>were already corrected. I also felt that the spec was much improved
>>based on the WG feedback.
>>I then spent some time on stylistic edits of Intro, trying to improve
>>the grammar, flow, etc. I took editorial licence here but believe that
>>I preserved the decisions of the WG. However, this is a slow process
>>and it will take a lot of time to go through the whole spec.
>>My recommendation is that we publish a FPWD asap and continue the
>>stylistic edits in parallel.
>>-- Arthur

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