Re: Editing the SHACL Spec


Rather fortuitous that I forked the spec moments after you'd submitted
your edits.  As you'd already addressed much of what I was going to dive
in to, I decided to move further down and start at Core Constraint Types.
Arnaud suggested we coordinate these changes -- should we each pick a
section and then compare edits?


On 9/23/15, 3:57 PM, "Arthur Ryman" <> wrote:

>I spent a few hours today editing the SHACL spec. I first wanted to
>apply the corrections that I noted during my review and saw that many
>were already corrected. I also felt that the spec was much improved
>based on the WG feedback.
>I then spent some time on stylistic edits of Intro, trying to improve
>the grammar, flow, etc. I took editorial licence here but believe that
>I preserved the decisions of the WG. However, this is a slow process
>and it will take a lot of time to go through the whole spec.
>My recommendation is that we publish a FPWD asap and continue the
>stylistic edits in parallel.
>-- Arthur

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