Re: ISSUE-81: Final names of property pair constraints?

On 9/14/15 2:43 AM, Holger Knublauch wrote:
> The unique language case is different because it's about a single
> property only. Its syntax could simply be
> ex:MyShape
>      sh:property [
>          sh:predicate skos:prefLabel ;
>          sh:uniqueLang true ;
>      ] .
> We have ISSUE-82 open for this topic.

Great. Thanks. Then there is the one-to-many question. A case in point 
comes again from SKOS, but without the requirement to look at language 
codes. Essentially the rule is that you cannot have the same string as 
both a prefLabel and an altLabel (there's more, the hiddenLabel, but 
let's not go there right now). An instance could be:

<term1> skos:preflabel "dogs" .
<term1> skos:altlabel "canines" .
<term1> skos:altlabel "pups" .

a violation would be:

<term1> skos:preflabel "dogs" .
<term1> skos:altlabel "canines" .
<term1> skos:altlabel "pups" .
<term1> skos:altlabel "dogs" .

I presume that this would not make use of the pair-wise constraint that 
you started this thread with. Is that the case?


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