Re: ISSUE-81: Final names of property pair constraints?

I agree that the SKOS rules go beyond my previous example, and we do 
have a use case that requires the ability to follow the rules inherent 
in SKOS. Since this is a common case, we should probably detail it and 
make sure that it is covered. However, the point was to ask what happens 
to comparisons that are >2, and to point out that sometimes that number 
can be large, such as where different language versions are used, since 
the actual number of potential languages (cf. Wikipedia) is in the 
hundreds, at least.


On 9/13/15 10:52 AM, Irene Polikoff wrote:
> Thus, the appropriate constraint is the one on cardinality (max 1), but it needs to take into account language tag.
> If one was to follow this line of thinking, in addition to regular cardinality constraints, there would need to be cardinality constraints within a language.

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