Re: good standing in W3C working groups

The notion of good standing has been removed from the process document 
which is currently under Advisory Committee review: 

Here is what the questionnaire put before the AC says:

3. Summary of Major Changes
This version of the Process Document was undertaken to make a number of 
structural revisions and to make whatever other changes reached consensus 
in the same time frame:
1.      Structural Revisions 
Removed the Activities chapter and all references to it.
Removed “Good Standing”.
Removed Coordination Groups.
2.      Other major changes 
a. Removed the redundant section 6.2.7 on “Heartbeat Requirements” already 
covered in section 7.3.2.
b. Replaced W3C Chair and COO with CEO throughout the document.
c. Allowed an organization with a TAG member that hires another TAG member 
to have more than one TAG participant up to the next regular TAG election.
d. Updated the language for section 7.7.1 Errata Management to encourage 
groups to be responsive in maintaining their specifications and relaxed 
the requirements on how proposed corrections are documented to allow more 
agile and useful updates to them.
e. Added a procedure for Resignation from a Working Group.
f. Replaced a Process specified default channel for AC Review comments 
with a requirement that the Call for Review must specify the default 
g. Horizontal Working Groups are specifically called out with respect to 
charter dependencies and Wide Review.
h. Restored the right of a Working Group to re-publish an Edited 
Recommendation in which all changes are editorial and tightened the 
definition of Editorial Change.
3.      Editorial changes 
a. Clarified the language used in section Wide Review.
b. All sections above Section 5 (Activities, removed) have been 
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> Date: 05/22/2015 04:02 AM
> Subject: good standing in W3C working groups
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> At the VF2F it was stated that good standing in working groups is no 
> part of the W3C process.
> This does not appear to be the case.  The current World Wide Web 
> Process Document,, still 
> the notion of good standing in a working group
> (
> There does appear to be a new draft of the process document that does 
> mention good standing, at
>   As far as I can
> tell, this is only a draft and has no current standing.
> peter
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