Profile/shapes discussion at public-lod

There is a lengthy thread on the public-lod list [1] that illustrates a 
use case that we have not considered (illustrated in [2]). In this use 
case, the shape not only contains validation rules, but indicates the 
preferred vocabulary for those situations in which the data provider 
wishes to offer the same data using different vocabularies. This is 
fairly common with library data because there are a number of competing 
vocabularies that can encode the same information, e.g.:

dct:title dct:creator dct:publisher dct:date
rdam:title rdam:creator rdam:publisherOrProducer rdam:dataOfPublication
bf:title bf:creator bf:provider bf:providerDate

Even if that isn't of interest, much of the thread is about how to 
handle profiles (analogous to shapes) via http, and that might be 

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