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> I don't understand why Well defined schemata are defined so closely.
> Definition [Well defined schema]
> A shape expression schema S is called well defined if for all negated shape
> label !T in negshapes(S), the corresponding dependency sub-graph
> dep-subgraph(T, S) is a directed acyclic graph.
> This excludes any schema where a negated shape references a
> recursively-defined shape, even if that shape does not involve negation in
> any way.


> Is this required?
It is a sufficient condition for soundness, maybe not necessary.

> Would it be possible to instead just say that in a
> well-defined schema there can be no loops involving negation?

It might be possible, however (for now) I do not know how to prove it.
Also, I do not know how the validation algorithm would go, whereas I do 
have a validation algorithm for my proposal.

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