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* Holger Knublauch <> [2015-05-01 10:01+1000]
> Hi Eric,
> if I understood you correctly, the new proposal from the ShEx camp
> consists of two documents
> May I suggest that you edit the Proposals section at
> to reflect this, and clarify the role of Jose's document? The
> section should probably only have three bullet items and inform
> readers that these three proposals are currently evaluated and
> otherwise independent from each other.

I grouped them and struck Jose's (I think he's fine with that but I'll
now: [[
 three documents: primer, core semantics, SPARQL functions

    SHACL (Shapes Constraint Language) Primer ericP and Holger
    A Primer for SHACL, concentrating on the high-level language, but also giving examples of constraints directly using SPARQL syntax. Largely compatible with all the other proposals.
    Core SHACL Semantics ericP
    SPARQL/SHACL Semantics ericP

> Furthermore, as you voted against my draft today, do you still want
> to be on its list of editors?

You may as wells strike me.
Most of the text in the Semantics/SPARQL proposal is yours. Do you
want to be an editor? How about on Primer?

> Thanks,
> Holger


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