Re: RDF Data Shapes WG minutes for 13 August 2015


Correction. The minutes contain the statement:

aryman: in shex they let you to specify more finegrained notions of
closed shapes

What I said was:

aryman: in the ShEx-inspired Core SHACL Semantics [1] document they
allow you to specify more finegrained notions of open shapes.

This is defined in the grammar rule:

OpenShape ::= 'open' InclPropSet? ShapeExpr

Here you supply an optional set of included properties that might
appear in a graph. I believe that if you don't supply this set them
the shape is completely open. If you do supply this set then the shape
is semi-open, i.e. it's like a closed shape with vacuous constraints
on the included properties, e.g. they are allowed on any node with
cardinality "0 or Many".


-- Arthur

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