Lack of alt for IMG in the Browser Support widgets


I’d like to bring to your attention the following user report made via Twitter today:

 Hmmm @w3c There’s not alt for images in the browsers’ support 
 widget you can find in specs, things go like really wrong when 
 those images don’t load… :/
 As seen in …

Indeed, there are no alt for the icons of the browsers, as you can see in the markup of the widget for that spec:
<div id="annotation_root_" class="annotation first" data-testcount="474" data-needcount="0"><div class="disclosure button" onclick="annotator.toggleAnnotations()"></div><div class="close button" onclick="annotator.removeAllAnnotations()"></div><div class="heading"><a href="">474 Tests</a></div><div class="engines"><span title="472 pass, 2 fail" tabindex="0" data-enginename="_blink" data-passcount="472" data-failcount="2" data-needcount="0" class="blink almost-pass major"><img src=""></span> <span title="405 pass, 67 fail, 2 untested" tabindex="0" data-enginename="_edge" data-passcount="405" data-failcount="67" data-needcount="2" class="edge almost-pass major"><img src=""></span> <span title="All tests pass" tabindex="0" data-enginename="_gecko" data-passcount="474" data-failcount="0" data-needcount="0" class="gecko pass active major"><img src=""></span> <span title="142 pass, 22 fail, 310 untested" tabindex="0" data-enginename="_presto" data-passcount="142" data-failcount="22" data-needcount="310" class="presto untested major"><img src=""></span> <span title="248 pass, 10 fail, 216 untested" tabindex="0" data-enginename="_trident" data-passcount="248" data-failcount="10" data-needcount="216" class="trident untested major"><img src=""></span> <span title="452 pass, 21 fail, 1 untested" tabindex="0" data-enginename="_webkit" data-passcount="452" data-failcount="21" data-needcount="1" class="webkit almost-pass major"><img src=""></span> </div><div class="engines"><span title="2 pass, 472 untested" tabindex="0" data-enginename="_ahformatter" data-passcount="2" data-failcount="0" data-needcount="472" class="ahformatter untested">AHFormatter</span> <span title="3 fail, 471 untested" tabindex="0" data-enginename="_fsystem" data-passcount="0" data-failcount="3" data-needcount="471" class="fsystem untested">FSystem</span> <span title="3 pass, 2 fail, 469 untested" tabindex="0" data-enginename="_palemoon" data-passcount="3" data-failcount="2" data-needcount="469" class="palemoon untested">PaleMoon</span> <span title="1 fail, 473 untested" tabindex="0" data-enginename="_prince" data-passcount="0" data-failcount="1" data-needcount="473" class="prince untested">Prince</span> <span title="133 pass, 6 fail, 335 untested" tabindex="0" data-enginename="_webtopdf" data-passcount="133" data-failcount="6" data-needcount="335" class="webtopdf untested">WebToPDF</span> </div><div class="details"><div class="engine">engine <a>test details</a></div><div class="meter"><span class="numbers"></span><span class="pass"></span><span class="epic-fail"></span><span class="untested"></span></div></div></div>

If this isn’t the right place to report this, please, let me know where to do so.
If this is already known, I apologise for the duplicate (and hope a fix is coming for all specs!)

Thank you.
Coralie Mercier, Head of W3C Marketing & Communications

Coralie Mercier  -  W3C Marketing & Communications - +337 810 795 22

Received on Thursday, 20 September 2018 21:48:35 UTC