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Re: [css-writing-modes-3] [css-inline-3] Need for new Ahem font version with addition of 1 glyph with Vertical_Orientation property set to U

From: fantasai <fantasai.lists@inkedblade.net>
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2016 14:11:45 -0400
To: public-css-testsuite@w3.org
Message-ID: <dd32fb55-aa4a-80ed-de91-7d681057575f@inkedblade.net>
On 08/09/2016 08:11 PM, Gérard Talbot wrote:
> Le 2016-08-09 16:01, Myles C. Maxfield a écrit :
>> Alright, I believe this is fixed now. I’ve tested it on Firefox on Mac
>> & Windows, Chrome on Mac & Windows, Safari on Mac, and Edge on
>> Windows.
> The vertical stripe glyph and horizontal stripe glyph do *not* appear to be centered.

I think it's fine for it to be offset; Myles said he did this
so that it would not be possible to incorrectly rotate it 180deg.

We just need to make sure that the glyph edges fall on 1/5th-em
(or at the very least, 1/10th-em) boundaries.

> You wrote:
>> The name of the font is still Ahem, so it probably isn’t possible to install both
>> this font and the old font at the same time.
> Indeed, it is not possible to install both this font and the old
> font at the same time. So, I wonder if we should not filename-rename
> this font to Ahem2016.ttf . That way, we would be sure of the
> capability of such font. If we later need another version (say, for
> testing text-combine-upright or ruby or some other features), then
> we could use another filename by appending the year date.

The intent was just to update Ahem; this would be version 4.
I think it's fine. :)

> You wrote:
>> For the vertical and horizontal stripes, I purposely placed them
>> off-center so you could tell if the glyph is rotated 180°.
> If vertical stripe glyph and horizontal stripe glyph are not centered,
> then I still may not be able to verify if 'text-orientation: mixed'
> glyphs are centrally baseline-aligned. Myles, the test at the source
> of my request for a more powerful, versatile, writing-mode-oriented
> version of the Ahem font is:
> http://www.gtalbot.org/BugzillaSection/Bug1289015-glyphs-central-baseline-alignment.html

This can be easily tested by using the square glyphs: if they are not
aligned correctly, they will not line up. :)

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