Re: 'medium' font-size computes to 16px: uncommon, unreliable assumption

On 09/05/2015 09:52 PM, Gérard Talbot wrote:
> Hello,
> "
> The 'medium' font-size computes to 16px.
> "
> should be considered as an uncommon assumption which should not be relied upon in all test suites. I wish this would change. I
> wish all test suites would make the 'medium' font-size of document root element computed to 16px a *_formal requirement_*
> before taking tests or test suite and not make it an uncommon assumption. Especially when automatically checking thousands of
> tests with dedicated computers.
> I am open to discussion here.

The test suite should not make assumptions that don't hold true
if the user has adjusted commonly-available preferences.

Therefore I disagree with changing the policy and the number of
tests that rely on this assumption should be kept to a minimum.

Furthermore, there is no benefit to making this assumption.
Tests are equally, if not more, readable and reliable by using
units that do not rely on the font size.

Please be clear that we are not authoring web pages here.
We are authoring tests. Good practices for tests are not always
good practices for web pages, and vice versa.


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