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Le 2015-01-21 09:45, 塩澤 元 a écrit :
> Thank you for your reviewing.
> I have submitted.
> Thank you.


<meta content="This test checks that a table with 'writing-mode' set to 
'vertical-rl' and with 'direction' set to 'rtl' will have its column 
displayed from bottom (1st column) to top (last column). The inline base 
direction is still from top to bottom." name="assert" />

I understand your text assert; I hope others will too.
"bottom" refers to physical bottom of table.
1st column refers to source code order.
"The inline base direction is still from top to bottom.": the test does 
not *easily* allow to verify this, to check this because of the design 
of the test.

I think the test as it is is acceptable, approvable.


<meta content="This test checks that colspanned cells in a table with 
'direction' set to 'rtl' are handled according to a bottom-to-top inline 
flow direction." name="assert" />

What you wrote here is not correct. The inline flow direction is still 
top-to-bottom. The column direction though is (physical) bottom to 
(physical) top. The column order starts at inline-end of table. The 1st 
column is the last (in source code order) table cell.

Please examine the following tests:

If you replace the arrow ("&#8592;") in the 
colspan-vertical-rl-rtl-table test with some text sample, say, "1234" 
and try/load that test with Chrome 40.0.2214.91, you will see that 
inline flow direction is still top-to-bottom.

Try this page in any mainstream browsers:
and then only toggle the "Table direction" radio buttons: the inline 
flow direction does not change: only the order of columns change.

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