Re: CSS test repo refactored - branch ready for review


>> 2-
>> Many things do not seem right... or at least they're odd.
>> a) This folder
>> now contains various reference files *and* very frequently used and
>>reused reference files (with their filename starting with "ref-" eg
>>ref-filled-black-96px-square.xht). I do not believe this is best or even
>Rebecca handled all the actual refactoring, but I agree, the common
>reference files should probably be moved into a 'reference' directory in
>the root of the repository. Note that all the reference links to those
>files will have to be updated as well.

To keep things simple for this initial refactoring, I moved everything
from */submitted into the spec directory according the the top spec link
in the tests and if there were /reference subfolders where the tests
lived, I moved the contents to spec-folder/reference. As you point out in
other areas, things could be audited and organized a bit more to remove
unnecessary and duplicate files and Iım working on some scripts to help
with that.  Keep in mind that all of these files were already in the repo
in various places so the issues youıre pointing out already existed, just
from different locations.

>> b) About 260 tests that I submitted have been moved to an odd folder,
>>to the root folder
>> Eg.#1
>> absolute-non-replaced-width-025
>> should be in folder
>> but it isn't. According to shepherd, such test (and =~ 259 other tests)
>>is in the root folder:
>I don't think that rearranging the subdirectories within the
>specification directories was part of this refactoring. If we're going to
>be consistent with the WPT repo then we may have to rethink that anyway
>(though I don't think having a directory structure tied to spec
>subsections is a good idea for specs under active development, as the
>structure of the specs tends to change a lot and it's too much to
>rearrange the test repo every time that happens).

Right. For the first pass, I didnıt go as far to organize subdirectories.
Those that were there, I left intact and the tests that lived elsewhere in
those categories just got moved to the root. Again, the tests that
probably belong in those subdirectories werenıt in them before the
refactor and now theyıre just a little closer to where they ought to be.

>At this point feel free to move your tests about if you don't think
>they're in the right place, just be sure to either update the paths to
>reference and support files or move them as well, as needed.

Yes, I agree. If you want to organize these a bit more, feel free. Please
do so directly in Mercurial and not through a github PR.  Weıve learned
that the latter will not preserve the history when merged from the github
mirror to the the canonical HG repo.

>> Eg.#2
>> I have 29 background-position-* tests in
>> which obviously should be instead in

Feel free to move them there - I believe they previously existed in your
submitted folder.

>> c)
>> [TXT]         30-May-2014 00:04
>> [   ] first-letter-characters.tmpl                 30-May-2014 00:04
>> files are in
>> I do not believe this is intended.
>Those should probably be moved into a 'tools' directory.

These originated in contributors/mozilla/submitted/first-letter-characters
and it looks like theyıre for generating tests. Rather than put them in
the tools folder, Iıll move them to
work-in-progress/mozilla/first-letter-characters/  as Iım not sure if or
how generated tests worked before this refactor. Dbaron, if you have any
input on these, please let me know.

>> d) Odd ("*-README") files in
>> are
>> but maybe those are (were) helpful to keep after (for) the refactoring

These were both previously in contributors/hixie/submitted/css2.1, which
got moved directly to css21 with no other changes (also,
first-line-pseudo-README). It looks like these files were orphaned in
hixieıs submitted folder before the refactor and that they should go with
the files in css21/tables, css21/visufx and css21/selectors.  Iıll move
them to the correct places.

Thanks for calling these things out.  Please do let me know about other
weird things you notice and certainly feel free to fix them as you see fit.


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