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> I think Hixie tended to use the color-combination of
> blue and yellow for such cases. Black is, I agree, a bit too intense
> here. :) We also tend to use black for descriptive text, so it's good
> to have a different color than black for the actual test rendering.

Changeset: 6951:54504b7a9a53
(Many thanks to Peter Linss for his persistence and support here!)

2- Dark color used in some 50+ tests was changed from black to blue

3- block-flow-direction-001-ref.xht was created

4- black1x1.png and black20x20.png were removed from 

5- blue1x1.png was created and added into css-writing-modes-3/support/

> Also, title should just say "CSS Test:", not "CSS Writing Modes Test:".
> We decided not to include the module name to keep it shorter.

So, the following is no longer recommended:

For specifications other than CSS 2.1, you can include the module name 
somewhere before the colon, like “CSS Selectors Test:” or “CSS Test 
(Selectors):”. Do not include the module version number, since the test 
might get reused for the next version.


The following is a test template in the newest documentation:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>${1:Test area}: ${2:Scope of test}</title>
<link rel="author" title="${3:Author's name}" href="${4:Contact link}">
<link rel="help" href="${5:Link to tested section}">
<link rel="match" href="${6:URL of match}">
<meta name="flags" content="${7:Requirement flags}">
<meta name="assert" content="${8:Description of what you're trying to 

It is not very specific... To me, it does not suggest that "CSS Writing 
Modes Test:" is not okay...

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