Re: Proposal to refactor the CSS test repo

Le 2014-04-23 12:57, Rebecca Hauck a écrit :
> Hi Peter & All
> Peter, I believe you and I spoke about this some time ago at TPAC and
> I'd like to resurrect the discussion here.
> As you know, the current directory structure & naming (/approved +
> /contributors/company/submitted) were part of a legacy system and
> don't have much meaning or usefulness now.  In fact, if one were
> looking just at the names here, they'd assume that all tests in
> approved were actually approved and those in submitted were not. As
> the process, infrastructure, and the tests themselves have evolved, we
> now have lots of stuff on both of those directories where that'd be a
> false assumption.  Beyond that, it's not that easy to browse the repo
> and find all the tests for a given spec because they're split across
> approved/submitted and across contributors directories.  I know
> Shepherd provides a nice interface to see this, but since this is all
> code, the directories where the code is stored should be organized in
> a way that it's easy to find stuff, like most/all other codebases.  I
> also believe we should keep a tests 'status' out of the directory
> naming entirely, especially since we're moving to the 'everything
> that's merged is approved' github model and since we have Shepherd for
> the pre-github stuff.
> I propose refactor the directories to use the spec short names just as
> the spec repo does.
> The current root of the repo looks like this:
> approved/[spec-shortname, spec-shortname...]
> build-test/[???]
> contributors/[company/testarea, company/testarea...]
> cvs-import/[legacy or unfilled stuff?]
> test-plans/[spec-shortname, spec-shortname...]
> tools
> The proposed new structure:
> tests/[spec-shortname, spec-shortname...]
> test-plans/[spec-shortname, spec-shortname...]
> tools
> I'm guessing what's in cvs-import can be folded in and I'm not sure
> what build-test is for, so you'll have to speak to that.
> Assuming there aren't objections to this proposal that can't be
> overcome or addressed, I'd like to start the discussion the work that
> needs to be done for this in scripts, Shepherd, etc. I can offer some
> cycles to help with this and I'd invite anyone else who wants to help.
> Also in full disclosure, I'm proposing this now as a precursor to
> another proposal I'd like to make to get the CSS repo more integrated
> (as a submodule) of the WPT repo.

What does the "WPT" abbreviation mean?

Web P???? Testing ?

Web authors' contributions to CSS 2.1 test suite
CSS 2.1 Test suite RC6, March 23rd 2011

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