RE: TestTWF Pull requests needing review

Hi Rebecca,


I'm currently serving as the Vice-Chair of the IEEE-ISTO Printer Working
Group Semantic Model working group. The PWG participated in the recent W3C
workshop titled "Publishing and the Open Web Platform"


In looking at existing W3C CSS test suites, I have not seen any development
activity in either of the following CSS test suites for a number of years


Do you know whether any developers attending the upcoming TPAC might be
contributing any CSS Printing or CSS Paged Media related test suites?




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From: Rebecca Hauck [] 
Sent: Monday, October 28, 2013 6:49 PM
Subject: TestTWF Pull requests needing review


Hi CSSians,


As many of you know, we'll approaching the next Test the Web Forward event
at TPAC in Shenzhen in a couple of weeks.  These are extraordinary occasions
where local web developers volunteer their weekends to come learn &
contribute tests for our body of specs. It's our hope that they remain in
our community and write more tests in the future and we believe a key to
this is acknowledging and accepting their contributions in a timely manner.


At the events, we typically have many experts on hand and we're doing a
better job at each one in getting these tests reviewed and approved during
the actual event. However, inevitably there are always some left at the end
of day that still need review.  Most recently over the summer, there were
three events that produced lots of tests: two in Tokyo and one in Shanghai
and we still have some pull requests from those events that need review. 


If you're an editor on one of these specs or if you have solid knowledge of
any of these areas, you're a qualified reviewer! If you have a little time,
our newest test authors would greatly appreciate your feedback.


See the full list of PRs organized by spec below [1]


Reviewing is easy now with Github, just add your comments inline.  We've
also got some guidance on things to look for [2][3].  I am monitoring the
repo and will take care of merging things that are approved - a simple
"LGTM" is fine.


Also, it's very easy to subscribe to track incoming PRs or follow reviews -
just click the Watch button at the top of the repo page [4]. 







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CSS Writing Modes:



CSS Text:



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CSS Images:



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