[css3-ui] 64 new tests for nav-right/-left/-down/-up


I have just added a pull request for 64 new tests Samsung is contributing for nav-right/-left/-down/-up. Some of these tests are based on the original tests contributed by Jorrit Vermeiren from Opera.

Since all tests, old or new, reuse the way Jorrit shaped his tests, he is listed as an author on all tests including the new ones. Existing ones were slightly modified, and that's why they need to be re-reviewed.

All tests are passed by two implementations: Opera TV Emulator 3.4 on one hand, the build of Chromium provided by Samsung matching the WebKit build included in some connected TVs.

I would appreciate a review of the pull request so we can validate these tests and remove ASAP the properties from the "at-risk" list of CSS 3 UI.


About the Chromium build, you can find it here:


Built on OS X 10.8.4, also tested on Mavericks.

Uncompress it and run it with the enable-spatial-navigation flag:

  open ./Chromium.app --args --enable-spatial-navigation

Use arrow keys to navigate between focusable areas.


Received on Thursday, 14 November 2013 10:49:45 UTC