Re: Writing-modes, text-orientation, etc. review; creating customized "DejaVu Serif" and "mplus-1p-regular" fonts for writing-modes and text-orientation tests

Le Mer 20 mars 2013 14:46, "Gérard Talbot" a écrit :
> Kazuaki, Taka, Hajime
> Please note that I will not be able to review your tests for a few days
> for work reasons. I must also catch up on a long list of things, matters
> that I have delayed over time, during weeks. So it may take me a week or
> 10 days before I reply to you.
> I have read all of your emails.
> I now think the best way to deal with the font issue is to create a
> customized "DejaVu Serif" font variant (especially for writing-mode and
> text-orientation tests). Basically that means to use "DejaVu Serif"
> font, to modify it to use only 128 characters and to modify the "1234"
> and "5678" characters (by replacing them with respectively "FAIL" and
> "PASS") so that it can be verified that such custom "DejaVu Serif" font
> is actually being used in tests.
> Example given:
> CSSTest FamilyName font ( csstest-familyname.ttf )
> which you can download at/from
> and it is being used in several font tests in CSS 2.1 test suite.
> CSSTest Fallback font ( csstest-fallback.ttf )
> is another one: "1234" and "5678" characters have been replaced with
> respectively "PASS" and "FAIL".
> I also think we could also modify and create a customized
> mplus-1p-regular.ttf font variant
> to use only the 100 (or so) characters which may be needed for Japanese
> glyphs and also modify "1234" and "5678" characters so that they get
> replaced by "FAIL" and "PASS" respectively. This is also what John
> Daggett has been saying a few weeks ago.

Hmmm.. to be precise, John Daggett did not say this... but he wondered
about the codepoints used in Taka's tests. This got mixed up in my

but I suspect John Daggett would be for such customization of the fonts
I mentioned instead of relying on .woff or webfonts or download of

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