Re: Allow @font-face and TTF font embedding in tests? (Japanese fonts)

Hi GĂ©rard,

Two quick notes.  The fonts in question are both far larger than is
needed for testing purposes (8MB?!?) and the terms of the license
doesn't appear to allow their usage.  If Japanese fonts are needed, I
would suggest using a *single* font from the M+fonts project, these
are far smaller.  I didn't look closely at Taka's test to see what
codepoints they use but I'm assuming that they can be structured to
use the codepoints available in these fonts:

One of the main problems with using downloadable fonts is that it
makes it difficult to automate reftests for some browsers,
specifically Webkit.  The reason for this is that the onload handler
fires in Webkit fires before fonts needed for content have downloaded.
Once support for font load events is implemented, this will be
easier to do consistently across browsers.

I would suggest being cautious about using subsetting tools if you
don't know much about their quality or where their deficiencies lie. 
There are many tools that will create all sorts of funky problems (bad
cmaps, incorrect or inconsistent tables, etc.).

WEFT is a Microsoft tool for creating subsetted EOT fonts, not really
appropriate in this case.



Received on Thursday, 14 February 2013 05:40:16 UTC