Re: Help wanted for CSS Test Suites and WebKit implementations

Hello CSS test suites reviewers

As stated by the Ishii-san's mail attached below, intensive research
activities have been conducted in Japan and in progress.

The due to get approval is by March 15th, 2013 (Friday), so that it's
only ten days away.
In order to keep the date, I would like to ask the review process to be
in short and your prompt approval in time.

The following six test cases have been submitted to ""
from those who have been assigned by NTT Software, and each has been
waiting review for final approval. (as of march 4, 2013)

C1. text-orientation
C2. line-break
C3. text-underline-position
C4. text-decoration-line
C5. baseline alignments
C6. text-combine-horizontal

Thanks in advance and best regards,


taka oshiyama 押山 隆

Received on Monday, 4 March 2013 07:34:18 UTC