Linking test suites to specs

Hi all,

Some of the CSS specs have a "Test Suite" in the header, which I presume was part of an original spec template. However, in the specs I've come across that have it, it's either not used/updated [1][2][3], or it's used inconsistently [4][5][6].

I was talking to fantasai about this a while ago (in the context of defining Test Owners at the spec level) and she suggested we link to the test suite cover page that is part of the nightly build. For example, [7].

In an effort to make this consistent across all the the CSS specs and for the clearest test suite visibility (even so we can clearly see when there are none), I'm proposing the following:

 1.  Add the Test Suite section to all of the specs  those with no tests labeled "none yet"
 2.  Link to the test suite cover page per fantasai's suggestion

If this is put into place, I'll then be modifying & using the test suite cover page to include things like test owner(s), coverage data, tests needed, etc.

Any objections?

May I add this to the agenda for this week's meeting? Once I have consensus, I'll make the updates accordingly.


[1] - "none yet"
[2] - "none yet"
[3] - "none yet"
[4] - separate links to shepherd and the harness (suite interface)
[5] - links to the harness (runner)
[6] - links to the harness (runner)

Received on Monday, 24 June 2013 23:36:16 UTC