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85 testcases with meta flag issues have been corrected

From: Gérard Talbot <css21testsuite@gtalbot.org>
Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2011 18:14:09 -0800
Message-ID: <877dc8feceba019a05d16c7f83ca05d3.squirrel@gtalbot.org>
To: "Public CSS test suite mailing list" <public-css-testsuite@w3.org>
Hello all,

I have made some minor adjustements to 85 testcases today with regards
to meta flag. Within squared brackets is the owner of testcases.

Affected testcases

ahem flag added  (9 testcases)
(with .control or .ahemprereq or .ahem or .prereq css rules and
correspondent markup were removed)

[Hixie] vertical-align-121
[Hixie] line-breaking-bidi-001
[Hixie] line-breaking-bidi-002
[Hixie] line-breaking-bidi-003
[Hixie] margin-collapse-130
[Hixie] margin-collapse-137
[Hixie] margin-collapse-138
[Hixie] fonts-009 (this one still has other issues)
[Hixie] white-space-collapsing-002

invalid meta flag added  (73 testcases)

[Hixie] c526-font-sz-003
[Hixie] c548-ln-ht-002
[MSFT] font-size-rule-001
[MSFT] font-family-rule-003
[MSFT] font-family-rule-007
[Moz] ident-020
[Moz] import-000
[Moz] import-001
[MSFT] max-height-001
[MSFT] max-height-012
[MSFT] max-height-023
[MSFT] max-height-034
[MSFT] max-height-045
[MSFT] max-height-056
[MSFT] max-height-067
[MSFT] max-height-078
[MSFT] max-width-001
[MSFT] max-width-012
[MSFT] max-width-023
[MSFT] max-width-034
[MSFT] max-width-045
[MSFT] max-width-056
[MSFT] max-width-067
[MSFT] max-width-078
[MSFT] min-height-001
[MSFT] min-height-012
[MSFT] min-height-023
[MSFT] min-height-034
[MSFT] min-height-045
[MSFT] min-height-056
[MSFT] min-height-067
[MSFT] min-height-078
[MSFT] min-width-001
[MSFT] min-width-012
[MSFT] min-width-023
[MSFT] min-width-034
[MSFT] min-width-045
[MSFT] min-width-056
[MSFT] min-width-067
[MSFT] min-width-078
[MSFT] outline-style-hidden-001
[MSFT] padding-bottom-001
[MSFT] padding-bottom-045
[MSFT] padding-bottom-056
[MSFT] padding-bottom-089
[MSFT] padding-left-001
[MSFT] padding-left-012
[MSFT] padding-left-023
[MSFT] padding-left-034
[MSFT] padding-left-045
[MSFT] padding-left-056
[MSFT] padding-left-089
[MSFT] padding-right-001
[MSFT] padding-right-012
[MSFT] padding-right-023
[MSFT] padding-right-034
[MSFT] padding-right-045
[MSFT] padding-right-056
[MSFT] padding-right-089
[MSFT] padding-top-001
[MSFT] padding-top-012
[MSFT] padding-top-023
[MSFT] padding-top-034
[MSFT] padding-top-045
[MSFT] padding-top-056
[MSFT] padding-top-089
[MSFT] width-001
[MSFT] width-012
[MSFT] width-023
[MSFT] width-034
[MSFT] width-045
[MSFT] width-056
[MSFT] width-089

interact meta flag added  (1 testcase)
[Hixie] floats-110 (this one still has other issues)

paged meta flag added  (1 testcase)
[Elika] page-break-inside-006

[Hixie] inlines-014  (1 testcase)
at line8: <met ...> was replaced with <meta ...>

There still remains a long list of testcases with various kinds of issues.

regards, Gérard
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