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[RC4] word-spacing-characters-001 control element has too much space

From: Arron Eicholz <Arron.Eicholz@microsoft.com>
Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2011 02:47:59 +0000
To: "fantasai (fantasai@inkedblade.net)" <fantasai@inkedblade.net>, "public-css-testsuite@w3.org" <public-css-testsuite@w3.org>
Message-ID: <07349ECFC3608F48BC3B10459913E70B12B1749E@TK5EX14MBXC140.redmond.corp.microsoft.com>

It seems as if the current test has one to many spacer spans in it I have simplified the code a bit to be more in line to what the spec states. Word spacing should apply to every space, non-breaking space, etc... I have rearranged the spacers after each such word spacing position and my updated solution seems to make the case pass as expected per the spec.

   <div class="ws-pre">
     <p class="control"><span>A&nbsp;<span class="spacer"></span> <span class="spacer"></span> <span class="spacer"></span>&nbsp;<span class="spacer"></span> <span class="spacer"></span> <span class="spacer"></span>&#09;B</span></p>
     <p class="test"><span>A&nbsp;  &nbsp;  &#09;B</span></p>

Arron Eicholz
Received on Saturday, 8 January 2011 02:48:36 UTC

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