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Are you trying to make the list comprehensive, or giving up doing so because the comprehensive list is too long?

If comprehensive, I haven't checked everything, but I see WON SIGN, CENT SIGN, HANGUL LETTER, etc. are missing. I'm not sure how you came up with the current list, but I recommend you to check Unicode database if you haven't done so yet. I assume they have a complete map between half- and full-width counterparts.

Also, one question raised up by reviewing this list is, whether we should convert a SPACE U+0020 to an IDEOGRAPHIC SPACE U+3000 or not. I guess this must be a spec question that should go to www-style, I'll do that.

But either way the spec goes, you'll have to figure out how to test if the property works as specified for SPACE.

Does anyone have any good idea how to distinguish a SPACE U+0020 and an IDEOGRAPHIC SPACE U+3000 in a test suite? Maybe wrap it by parenthesis and see if the spaces between the parenthesis are the same?


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I submitted a new test case for your kind review. The test case is stored here!

Please let me know if you have any comments.


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