[RC6] line-box-height-001: title and text assert wrong




<title>CSS Test: Height for inline elements when 'line-height' is
smaller than 'height'</title>

The height of content area (inline element) is independent from a set
line-height. In the testcase, the span has a font-size of 1in and a
line-height of 0. The line box's height for such <span> does not
increase because of the <span> font-size of 1in.

The title as written misleads.

<meta name="assert" content="The 'line-height' property sets the initial
height but that height is increased if the content height is larger.">

The text assert has more difficulties.

"initial height" of what? Of the inline element would be wrong.

We believe the assert text meant to say "initial height of line box for
a block level element". In any case, the text assert should try to
minimize/eliminate source of interpretation.

"that height" must refer to the height of line box.

And "if the content height is larger". I think "larger" word is not best
when referring to/describing a vertical size/measurement. "taller" would
be my preference.
And "content height" should explicitly specify, identify inline elements.

In the testcase, the line-height for the wrapping div is specifically
set to 1em. Such wrapping div does not have any inline box with greater
(taller) than 1in content area. So, the text assert, as it was meant,
oriented, as it was intended, does not apply here.

The most important problem with the testcase is its possible (and
misleading) interpretation.

Credits must go to Bruno Fassino for his second opinion.

regards, Gérard
+CC: Bruno Fassino
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